Unfortunately, drugs including steroids, are in every stitch of our society. Drugs are an individual choice, not an overall community choice. Within our community, I cannot deny use of drugs, but I can say, there are just as many who do not abuse drugs. With that being said , my friend , I will now only answer questions of the positive effects our wonderful men and women have had and continue to have on individuals.

Their were two athletic guys, climbing this mountain for a charitable purse. Both had incredible style and skills. Player A was fierce with one goal in mind. Player B was fierce but he didn’t let one goal define who he was. While Player A was racing to the top of the mountain, Player B stopped for just a couple of minutes to look at the beautiful sunset, the spectrum of colors, was breathtaking. Player A reached the summit and yelled down to Player B, who was not that far behind, ’ I won, I’m at the top’. Player B looked up and did not respond back. Player B felt a push against his leg, looked down to see a mountain goat standing beside him. ” Blue, I was that guy ” - ” I let one goal define who I was, and I regret not looking at the beauty around me.” Get the picture … for yourself to color ! G

Creative Easter Make Memories

Get creative on Easter, make memories.
While I was hiding the plastic eggs one year for all three of my children, I thought of a better idea. The next year, I didn’t buy or make up Easter baskets. Instead I left an envelope on the table for each of them, in the envelopes were “clues” to the next spot they could find an envelope to search for their “surprise”. I made 6 different “clue” finding spots for each before they received their “surprise”. The surprise was a toy, video game, or cd, etc they had been wanting. One year, one hiding spot for an envelope for my son was in the cabinet for pots and pans. Every pot, pan, cookie sheet, etc was on the kitchen floor till he saw his envelope, read it and ran to his next destination, while I rearranged the cabinet ! As my children grew older, the “clues” were harder with rhymes, riddles, fill in the blanks and word searches with the left over letters that needed to be de-scrambled. My kids now 27, 22, and 18, still talk about how fun Easter was. My oldest daughter now continues the tradition with her 3 sons.

If your going to play games on Easter, make the games memorable. Instead of egg toss, make up your own creative games. Have a jelly bean in a jar guess for money. Create messy games -bowls of petroleum jelly -bowls of popcorn kernals- have the kids dip nose in jelly and then kernals, no hands allowed, to put in empty bowl, who ever fills up their bowl faster in allotted time wins. Have blind folded shaving games. Make memories…

I was raised a Catholic, actually force fed. I decided long ago, to let my children decide if they wanted to have ” faith” in their lives. Danielle decides on Monday she wants to experience a Catholic service. I tried to prepare her as much as possible, to no avail. Danielle lip sync~ing with no clue of what she was suppose to lip sync was hilarious. Danielle, was trying to keep pace with the constant kneeling and standing. Which at one point she belts out, ” this up and down thingy is ridiculous”. The priest and first two rows heard the comment, I was trying to control my laughter until the elderly gentleman behind us says , ” Amen, sister”. I couldn’t control the laughter anymore. I explained to Danielle everything about how to ” receive the body if Christ”, before arriving to the church. Upon receiving the body of Christ she says ” thank you” instead of amen, and proceeds to say to the priest ” I will save it for later , not hungry right now”. He replied “the proper response is to say Amen and receive the body of Christ, Miss Comedian” With all honesty and sincerity, Danielle says to the father ” is that my calling ?” I know three thingy’s , we will never go back to THAT church again, Danielle stinks at remembering lines , and Danielle and I most likely are going to hell…. I had thee best time I have ever had at a Catholic service. Please judge me…

Moose Balls.. I made a recipe just like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups but the name was Moose Balls. Well my brother kept making derogatory comments about them, especially since he doesn’t like peanut butter. I found a magnetic decal while antique shopping with my sister in law. The decal was a picture of a cartoon moose on its hind legs, holding his huge balls, with the saying “I love balls”. I placed the decal on my brothers work truck. My sister in law and I were waiting and waiting, finally we noticed it was no longer on his truck. A couple of months went by and at our annual Friday night bonfire/party, I asked my brother about decal. He replied ” you put that on”. I replied with “maybe”. To make long story short, my brother thought a coworker placed the decal on his truck, so he placed it on that coworkers truck. That coworker found it, placed it another coworkers truck, etc. It went through 9 work trucks then disappeared. A couple of weeks go by, and the owner of the company holds an impromptu all hands meeting. After everybody was settled in for meeting, the owner of the company holds up MY decal and says ” I don’t care who put this on my truck, just want you all to know that if I did prefer these it doesn’t matter, my loving wife took them the day after we were married ” and he proceeded to leave the room. Everybody at the bonfire/party was laughing hysterically , especially my sister in law and I, my brother not so much. That is why I awoke to a moose head staring at me from about a foot away, this morning. There is a huge moral to this story, that I am choosing to ignore, but my tv paid a price for.

Brutal Honesty….in WWE Wrestling.. In the last say 10 years, viewership and attendance has declined throughout all of wrestling. So why the decline in viewership and ratings ? Did the fans become smarter ? Do fans compare what once was to what it is now ? Does size matter in wrestling ? Some like to think its a “big boy freak show”, but its not. Does social media have an adverse impact on wrestling ? Is creative the cause of decline, or the director ? Is sponsorship holding back edgy material ? Did WWE lose their ability of emotional marketing ? Or did fans just grow old of wrestling ? I see many “critics” on twitter, and I am one of them, judging wrestling. Somewhere along the way, the customer ( the fans ) have little right in voicing their opinion without angering the WWE or its stars. Maybe we should re name criticism to constructive love, then they might listen. Curtain jerking has a meaning in wrestling, but it has more meaning in selling. Curtain jerking in selling, is giving the customer the bare minimum and the customer still purchases. All I can say at this time is until we fans change the channel, stop purchasing, and block them instead of them blocking us, it will forever remain what WWE sees fit to give us in terms of programming. Have you had enough ?